Best pick to date!

Best pick to date!

The history of this bag is just amazing!

October 11, 1882 - Camille Poirier, himself applied/filed for the patent.

November 10, 1882 - On the metal plate on this Prototype Strap Pack, in this auction.

December 12, 1882 - Actual Letter of Official Patent.

Duluth Pack has its deep historic roots in a poor French-Canadian named Camille Poirier. Poirier came to the struggling village of Duluth in 1870 with very little more than a dream of making boots and shoes. In fact, according to many sources, he came into the village with a "little stock of leather and tools", and that's where he began a small shoe store in 1884 (the bag basically being invented pre-shop). The intent of the bag at the time was to carry large loads up and down the vast hills of Duluth, MN without putting total strain on the back (his invention of the tumpline is best known on this bag which now has universal appeal in the hiking and climbing community).


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